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About MEXC

MEXC Global is rated as one of the top cryptocurrency exchanges in the world and is known for having registered users around the world. MEXC has many users, so you can find many reviews. Check out what kind of reviews they have.

Company profile of MEXC Global

MEXC is a cryptocurrency exchange based in Singapore. It is a fairly famous exchange that has over 7 million users and is used in over 200 countries around the world. The following article summarizes the company, so I hope you can refer to it.

Global cryptocurrency exchange ranking

According to the evaluation of coinmarketcap.com, MEXC is ranked 12th in the world’s cryptocurrency exchange ranking, and it can be seen that it has received a very high evaluation.

8Binance US
12MEXC Global
Source : 取引高別仮想通貨取引所 | CoinMarketCap

Distribution and region of registered users

Japan has a large number of registered users in the distribution of TradersUnion, a word-of-mouth website for FX and virtual currency exchanges around the world. Other countries such as Turkey, Vietnam, and the United States have many users in Asia and North America.

Source : TradersUnion

word of mouth, reputation

Let’s actually see the reviews of MEXC. I checked the reviews of TradersUnion. TradersUnion is a site that posts reviews of Forex companies and virtual currency exchanges around the world. Not all posts are correct as this is a review site. Some users are posting with a grudge, so please use it as a reference only.

top reviews

Some of the top reviews have pointed out that the transaction fees are a little high. Since the fee is 0.2, you can see that it is a little higher than other virtual currency exchanges.

As for the advantages, I would note its reliability, yet not all exchanges are currently regulated. The main issue for MXC is fees. I think 0.2% per trade is a lot. At the same time, there are no real opportunities to reduce the size of the commission. In addition, when I first started trading, I was surprised by the long verification process. The documents were considered for more than 1 week. In general, the exchange is interesting and promising, and trading is convenient but expensive. Do not forget about the existence of commissions for withdrawal. I work with USDT and pay 1 USDT per transaction, so you need to be a very successful trader to make a good income here.

Source : MXC Review 2023: Pros, Cons and Key Features (tradersunion.com)

Some users are satisfied with the large number of stocks handled by MEXC. MEXC is very attractive because it trades over 1500 cryptocurrencies, including unnamed coins.

We often carry out exchange operations and trade cryptocurrencies, increasing the income of our investors. And in general, MXC suits us for our purposes. There is a convenient trading terminal with more than 120 cryptocurrencies, and more than 400 trading pairs. The small number of fiat currencies is disappointing. Only USDT is available on the platform, so you have to use other exchangers as well. However, almost everything is convenient here, and MXC is perfect for exchanging cryptocurrencies. The reliability of the company also plays a role for us because we have never encountered any delays in the withdrawal of funds or other troubles. The exchange treats the safety of clients’ funds responsibly and has never been hacked.

Source : MXC Review 2023: Pros, Cons and Key Features (tradersunion.com)

MEXC not only handles a wide variety of currencies, but also allows staking, etc., so it is highly evaluated by users because there are so many options.

For me, MXC suits me perfectly. I work with both popular cryptocurrencies and unpopular ones and trade on the news. There are over 400 trading pairs on this exchange, which opens up great opportunities for me. Of the advantages, one can also note the possibility of earning passive income. Holding and staking allow me to generate good additional income, given that I do not always sell cryptocurrencies immediately after buying them. I consider a profit of 4% per annum for staking BTC to be an attractive option.

Source : MXC Review 2023: Pros, Cons and Key Features (tradersunion.com)

Other reviews

Although the credibility is not certain, there are indications that MEXC is starting to lose customers. However, I don’t know if this is true or not, as it doesn’t show any clear evidence.

The company has completely lost its position. Until now, it positions itself as a global player, and you conduct your main activities from offshore. The dynamics are obvious, customers are leaving, conditions are getting worse! If the logic is correct, then it would be more correct to withdraw the remaining money from the account and transfer it to another company. At least as a precaution.

Source : MXC Review 2023: Pros, Cons and Key Features (tradersunion.com)

MEXC has changed its fees in recent years, and some users are dissatisfied because of the slightly increased fees. Therefore, it seems that some users are starting to look for other exchanges.

I have been trading on MXC since January 2021. Before that, I collaborated with another popular crypto exchange. But at the end of last year, it changed the size of its commission, so I had to look for another site. I mainly work with BTC/USDT and this pair is the most active on MXC. I saw network reviews of disgruntled users who complain about deception by the exchange and even blocking of accounts. Personally, I have not noticed any scams on MXC.com, so I will not believe in libel until I see the violation with my own eyes.

Source : MXC Review 2023: Pros, Cons and Key Features (tradersunion.com)

Some users are very happy with MEXC because there are not many fees for deposits and they are fixed. Users are satisfied because the amount of contests and bonuses is very large.

There are many referral links on the network on thematic sites for registering with MXC. Prompted, I opened an account here and got a 10% discount on the first transaction. In general, I liked the site of its crypto exchanger. Everything is clear, several versions are available in different languages, and the choice of contests and bonuses is huge. So far, I only work with crypto on this exchange, but in the future, I plan to invest in ETFs, since today this is a fairly popular topic. The MXC exchange does not take money for making a deposit and the trading commission is fixed, which suits me perfectly.

Source : MXC Review 2023: Pros, Cons and Key Features (tradersunion.com)

MEXC is a very popular cryptocurrency exchange, and it is popular and reliable, so it is very popular with users. As such, there are no users who stray too far away.

According to some media reports, MXC.com is the most popular cryptocurrency exchange and accounts for 5% of all digital asset trading. Where there is popularity, there is also reliability, and therefore I also became a client of this broker. A wide selection of digital assets is provided for trading on the exchange, and the list is constantly updated. Based on the results of customer voting, illiquid cryptocurrencies are removed, and those who take part in the vote receive a reward in the form of a one-time reduction in the commission per transaction.

Source :
MXC Review 2023: Pros, Cons and Key Features (tradersunion.com)

Some users rate us as having better trading conditions than our competitors. Not only that, MEXC has many contests and campaigns, so some users are satisfied.

The conditions of trading on MXC are better in some respects than its competitors, but worse in others. The undeniable advantage of the broker is that it regularly announces trading contests with a decent prize pool, and also holds promotions with rewards for depositing a certain amount. In addition, account holders with a deposit of ₮200 (USDT) or more can get a VIP account, which provides additional privileges in the form of lower commissions and other rates, an exclusive OTC channel, holiday gifts, etc. I am just getting started on MXC.com, but I already like its trading platform and the speed of the tech support.

Source : MXC Review 2023: Pros, Cons and Key Features (tradersunion.com)

Open an account for free

MEXC can open an account for free. The process is very simple and will be over in no time. There is no risk, so open an account and try trading.