[MEXC Global: For Beginners] What to do when emails are undelivered and emails are not delivered


If you register an account with MEXC, you will often receive emails from the management side. You can often feel very depressed. Then, I will explain how to stop the delivery of e-mails, so I hope you can refer to it.

Email delivery unsubscribe

To unsubscribe from emails, you need to configure your account. First, select “Settings” from Home

Source : MEXC

Notification settings can be changed under the setting screen. By clicking the part of the notification, it is possible to stop the mail.

Source : MEXC

What to do if the email does not arrive

I will explain what to do if the email does not arrive. If you do not receive important information, especially the verification code, please consider the following possibilities. The sending domain of MEXC is as follows.

  • mexc.link
  • mexc.sg
  • mexc.com
  • mexc.zendesk.com

Registered with wrong email address

You may have registered the wrong email address. In this case, it is better to close the account and recreate it, or contact the support center.


There is a possibility that the domain of MEXC is specified in the spam mail. If so, please check your junk mail.

rejection list

Please check whether the MEXC domain is set in the rejection list. If it is set, 100% you will not receive the email.

Mail server failure

Your mail server may be down or undergoing maintenance. In this case, wait a while and try again.

Open an account

In order to actually start investing, you must first open an account. MEXC allows you to open an account for free, so you can easily open an account. The article below explains how to open an account, so please refer to it.