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About MEXC

MEXC will be a very well-known virtual currency exchange in the world. This exchange has a fairly high frequency of information dissemination compared to other famous exchanges. At MEXC, new campaigns and bonuses are started, maintenance and addition of new functions are frequently posted on SNS. Recruitment of employees is also done on SNS, so if you are interested, follow the MEXC account.


LinkedIn is the world’s largest business social network. There are other SNS such as Twitter and Instagram, but LinkedIn has the characteristic that it is specialized for business, and it is a tool that is frequently used for recruitment activities. Since this tool was developed in the United States, there are many American users, but it is popular all over the world and has over 700 million registered users. There are many companies that are mainly looking for specialized positions, and there is a function for job seekers to post resumes and employers to post job postings. Once registered, you can send scouts directly to employers and job seekers. MEXC often recruits with this tool in particular, so if you want to become an employee, apply for a connection.



Facebook is a relatively old medium among SNS, so young people may not use Facebook anymore, but MEXC frequently uses Facebook to disseminate information. We encourage you to follow us on Facebook for news and updates on a daily basis almost every week. It is also possible to pick up useful information because the update frequency is quite high.



MEXC Global also posts a lot of information on Instagram. It’s updated less frequently than Facebook, but new news is posted frequently, so it’s recommended to follow it.



MEXC Global is also very active in disseminating information on Twitter, and information is updated every week and every day. It’s updated quite frequently, so I recommend following it. In addition, since the Twitter version has separate accounts for multiple languages and regions, it is better to choose the account to follow according to your region and language preference.


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MEXC Global also writes a blog. The update frequency is not so high, but it covers a wide range of contents from how to operate MEXC to the help desk, so it is better to subscribe.