[MEXC Global: For Beginners] Friend Introduction Invitation Code Campaign Benefits Explanation

About MEXC

MEXC has a system called friend introduction. This is a code that combines 5 digits of alphanumeric characters, and users who register using this code have benefits such as discounts on transaction fees. Let’s continue to introduce friends.

MEXC Global referral code

The advantage of using the MEXC referral code is that if you enter the referral code and open a new account, the transaction fee will be permanently 10% off. This referral program is ongoing and is still valid. The invitation code can be used when opening an account. Once information verification is complete, invited users will be able to trade futures and spot trades such as BTC and USDT anywhere.

Invitation code is only used when opening an account

The MEXC invitation code can only be used when opening an account. If you do not use the invitation code, the 10% off transaction fee will not be applied, so the transaction fee will be higher than others.

Open multiple accounts with the same email address

MEXC does not allow multiple accounts to be opened using the same email address. The same goes for phone numbers. When I try to register with MEXC using my registered email address, I get an error, so I can’t register.

self affiliate

Self-affiliation is prohibited. Self-affiliation is prohibited by the terms of most exchanges. If you do a self-affiliate, about 30% of the transaction fee will be returned, but let’s stop.

Re-register referral code

Once the referral code is registered with MEXC, it is basically impossible to re-link or re-register. If you want to register again with a new referral code, you will need to recreate your account.

After opening an account

The referral code can only be used “when opening an account”, and the referral code cannot be used after opening an account. If you miss the timing, you will not be able to do anything.

No KYC setup required

By the way, when it comes to setting up KYC, unlike when trading, it is not an absolute requirement. Withdrawal processing is possible without KYC at MEXC. Users can withdraw up to 20 BTC per day without KYC.

MEXC Global Benefits of introducing

So what are the benefits of referring a friend? There are benefits available depending on the type of selected currency coin, and they are also listed on the official MEXC page. You can also check it on the app. Let’s finish verifying your identity. Binance and Bybit also offer similar services. There are great benefits to participating in each. There is no risk.

30% cashback

When someone else registers with MEXC using your invitation code, you will receive 30% cash back on their transaction fees. Although the rewards are lower compared to affiliate programs, 30% is still a pretty big profit. If you are a big trader, you can make very big money.

Number of people introduced

If the number of people who register with MEXC with an invitation code increases, the transaction fee cashback reward will increase. When the number of referred users reaches 5, the cashback reward increases from 30% to 50%. Therefore, the harder you work, the higher the reward, so it can be said to be a rewarding program.

MEXC Global How to use your referral code

I will explain how to issue an invitation code. Please open an account first. Please refer to the article below.

Please log in after opening an account. Click the red frame on the top right of the screen. The menu will expand. Click “Referrals”.

Source : https://www.mexc.com/

When you open the introduction screen, you can check the invitation code and invitation link. You can copy it by pressing the button next to the code or link, so you can invite by using this.

Source : https://www.mexc.com/