[MEXC Global: For Beginners] Proprietary Token MX

About MEXC

MEXC, one of the world’s top exchanges, has its own token. Unique Tokens Many people don’t know about MX Tokens. What is MX in the first place? I put it together as an article.

MEXC Global What is MX?

MX is a unique token developed by MEXC, a virtual currency exchange. MEXC was founded in Singapore in 2018 and currently operates in 200 countries around the world, with over 7 million users conducting transactions. It is now known as one of the top virtual currency exchanges in the world. It has the following characteristics: Cryptocurrency projects operate on other exchanges, but some tokens have communities and some coins have generated profits of over $100 million.

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native token

MX is developed by MEXC based on Ethereum. MX is a native token. A native token is a token created for the purpose of being used in a specific blockchain such as MEXC.

available as a commission

MX can be used as commission in MEXC. That’s not all. It is possible to pay at a discounted price. If you pay the transaction fee with MX tokens, you will get a 20% discount on the transaction fee.

Events at MEXC

If you own MX tokens, you can use various services of MEXC. Launchpad etc. can buy currencies that have the potential to be several times or hundreds of times before listing. In addition to this, you can participate in governance votes such as Kickstarter.

Split purchase of NFT

MEXC purchases NFTs and holds them in installments. If you own MX, you can buy NFTs. NFT is attracting attention because it is a field that will grow very much in the future.

MEXC Global The Future and Future of MX

MX is MEXC’s unique token, but what will the future hold? There are many successful coins such as BTC, ETH, and USDT, but what about MX? With launchpad, perks, high market cap, and up-to-date supply, MX has an opportunity.

A system that burns and stabilizes the price

It is believed that there is little fear that MX will crash in the future. This is because the X token adopts a system that stabilizes the price by burning once every three months. Burn is a system that permanently disables issued currency and increases the value of currency in circulation. This has the effect of suppressing the amount of traffic。

Market is on the rise

The trend of recovery in the virtual currency market itself from around 2023 is also affecting, but it is calming down. The downward trend continues after peaking in 2022, but I have the impression that it has bottomed out.

Source : https://coinmarketcap.com/

Awarded the title of virtual currency exchange

In 2021, MEXC won the title of Cryptocurrency Exchange at Crypto Expo Dubai 2021. Crypto Expo Dubai is the largest cryptocurrency event in Dubai, where many cryptocurrency companies and investors gather, and the exchange that has grown rapidly over the past few years has been evaluated. The fact that the exchange has been evaluated means that the value of its own token will increase.

Futures trading volume increased by 1,200% year-on-year

The trading volume of MEXC has increased dramatically year by year. In 2022, MEXC announced a high growth rate of 1200% year-on-year average trading volume of futures trading. You can see that it is growing rapidly. Along with this, the number of registered users is also rapidly increasing.

MEXC Global How to buy MX

To purchase MX, you first need to register for a MEXC account. Please refer to the article below.

After logging in, select “Spot trading” from “Trading”

Source : https://www.mexc.com/

Switch charts with “MX/ETH” from the search bar on the right. After that, you can purchase from the order bar below. Enter the price of 1MX you want to purchase in ETH, enter the amount of MX tokens you want to purchase, and tap “Buy MX” to complete the order

Source : https://www.mexc.com/