[MEXC Global: For Beginners] What is Kickstarter? How to participate Airdrop


MEXC has an event called Kickstarter. This will be an airdrop campaign in which all participants will be rewarded with coins. There is no participation fee or commission, so you can easily participate as long as you have an account.

MEXC Global What is Kickstarter?

Kickstarter is a voting event for newly listed virtual currencies. Those who participate in this will receive a free airdrop if the target amount is reached. If the target is not reached, the token listing and airdrop will be cancelled. Also, when purchasing, you must purchase with MX, which is a unique token. MEXC allows you to invest in many crypto assets, and there are many benefits and services such as futures and cash.

target voter turnout50%~
voter turnoutVoter turnout = total votes / reward pool

air drop

The more MXs you vote for in this event, the more tokens you will receive in the airdrop. Therefore, buying a lot of MX is also an important point. Kickstarters are often held every day, so you need to keep an eye on them. Hopefully, you will be able to earn every time.

MX token drop

In order to participate in Kickstarter, it is necessary to purchase MX, but if the price of MX drops after voting, that alone will be a loss. It will depend on the MX, but for now it is considered unlikely that it will crash. Since MX will be MEXC’s own token, it is a central presence in MEXC.

There are no disadvantages

This event has its advantages, but it does not have any disadvantages. This is because it is not a mechanism to carry a debt just because you purchased it. Core users of MEXC tend to participate quite actively, so if you are interested, it would be a good idea to try it out first.

Held frequency

Kickstarters are held very frequently. Basically, many events are held throughout the year, so if you are interested, please join us. Depending on the time of year, there may be no projects that you can participate in.

Participation fee

You don’t need to pay anything to participate in Kickstarter. The advantage is that participants can participate without risk. Since it is an airdrop campaign, you can get tokens for free and there are no transaction fees.

Event flow

To participate in Kickstarter, you must have at least 10 MX tokens in advance. Then vote for a project of your choice from the Kickstarter event page. And you can see the result whether the target amount has been achieved or whether it can be listed by the voter turnout. If you are listed, it is a mechanism that you can get an airdrop.

Lock for the duration of the event

Voted MXs will be locked during the event and cannot be sold. Locked MXs token will be unlocked within 1 hour after the event ends.

MEXC Global way to participate

To participate in this event, you will first need to create an account. Please refer to the article below.

After creating an account, log in. First you have to buy MX. Go to the spot trading page.

Source : https://www.mexc.com/

Enter “MX/USDT” in the search window to change the chart, specify the quantity from the order bar below, and click Buy MX. The minimum quantity for participation in one project is 10MX. If you participate more than once, you will need MX for each.

Source : https://www.mexc.com/

You can finally attend the event here. You can participate from the link below. If there is a project that you can participate in, it will be displayed in a red frame.


Source : https://www.mexc.com/