[MEXC Global: For Beginners] Japanese User Reviews, Reputation, and Testimonials

About MEXC

MEXC is known as one of the top cryptocurrency exchanges in the world. Among them, it is known as an exchange with a large number of Japanese users. What kind of opinions do users who trade on MEXC have? We have collected user testimonials.

Company profile of MEXC

MEXC is a cryptocurrency exchange based in Singapore. It is a fairly famous exchange that has over 7 million users and is used in over 200 countries around the world. Therefore, since there are 17 supported languages, users in most regions should not have any trouble using the official page.

Reviews and reputation of foreign users

What kind of opinions do foreign users have after actually using MEXC? It is introduced in the following article, so I hope you can refer to it.

Number of registered users, distribution by region

According to a tally on the TradersUnion site, about 20% of registered users are Japanese. Other than that, you can see that many users are gathered in Asia and North America.

Source : TradersUnion

Reviews, reputations, and testimonials from Japanese users

What kind of opinions do Japanese users, MEXC’s biggest customers, have? I tried to collect actual opinions, so I hope you can refer to them.


MEXC leverage is limited to a maximum of 20x. Therefore, it can be said that it tends to be lower than other virtual currency exchanges. Some users complain about it.

low fees

Compared to other major exchanges in the same industry, MEXC trading fees are relatively low. Therefore, many users are satisfied with this point.

Not comfortable trading?

It was often said that trading on MEXC was a little stressful compared to other major exchanges such as Binance. It seems that some users are dissatisfied with this aspect.

lots of campaigns

MEXC will be an exchange with many bonuses, events and campaigns. Therefore, there are a lot of users who are very satisfied with this point.

miner coin

Overall, MEXC handles over 1500 coins. Because of that background, there are a lot of unknown coins, so it may be very interesting to invest in 1 or 2.

high quality support

MEXC support is known to be very extensive. There are a lot of users who are satisfied because they are polite to respond.

so many events

One of the attractions of MEXC is that many events are held irregularly. Various preferential events are held, so it is very attractive for active users.

Open a free account

MEXC can open an account for free. There is no risk, so you can feel free to open it. If you are interested, please open an account and start trading.