[MEXC Global: For beginners] What is Kusa Coin? Recommended virtual currency trading explanation

About MEXC

MEXC is said to have an overwhelming number of issues handled among virtual currency exchanges around the world, and you can trade a large number of issues. Therefore, many grass coins are mixed, and it is possible to trade rare coins.

What is grass coin?

Grass coins are even rarer coins among the thousands of altcoins that are said to exist around the world. Please refer to the following article for altcoins. Kusakoin is a cryptocurrency with a particularly small market capitalization and high speculative potential. Due to the high volatility of the currency, caution is required when investing. When investing in grass coins, you must conduct a thorough investigation before actually investing. There are also many fraudulent coins among them, so there are cases where you get hurt.

Features of Kusa Coin

The characteristics of grass coins are as follows. If you are going to invest, you need to consider whether to invest after considering the following.

lots of fake coins

Coins that are not listed are highly likely to be frauds in the first place. ICO projects are particularly dangerous. There are many cases of people seeking funds through ICOs and fleeing once the funds have been collected, and the fraud rate in ICOs exceeds 90%, so it is treated as a dangerous criminal case worldwide. If it is a listed coin, it is safe, but if it is not listed, you should be wary.

high liquidity

Grass coins are not worth much, so I don’t know how they will flow. In other words, if there is a possibility that the stock will soar after listing and make a lot of money, there is also a possibility that it will crash and lose a lot. Both are very likely coins, so we do not recommend investing large amounts in them. We recommend that you keep your investment to a small amount that can be divisible even if it becomes zero in the worst case. It is a high-risk, high-return investment.

small market capitalization

It is a story related to the above liquidity, but in the case of grass coins, there is almost no value in the first place. As a result, the market capitalization has become very low, and the majority is infinitely close to 0. One way to invest is to wait and see what happens next.

low price

Grass coins have very little market capitalization, so they have little value. Therefore, you can get it at a very cheap price when you actually buy it. The price will be very low, so you won’t have much hesitation when buying.

How to identify grass coins

What kind of information should I have when looking for an excellent anonymous coin? Please pay attention to the following points.

There is an official website

Promising coins always have a homepage. Information about virtual currencies is published on the official website, so be sure to check the overview and developer. If the coin does not reveal any operator information, there is a high possibility that it is a suspicious coin. If the official website lacks information, it will be judged as unreliable, and the number of buyers will not increase and the product will not become popular.

White paper and roadmap

Before buying a coin, check the roadmap and white paper published on the official website. A decent coin must have a schedule. It is important to have a solid schedule of what to implement and by when. If the coin does not have this, its reliability will be questioned.

Development progress

Coins are often under development, so be sure to check the progress of development. Be careful if the speed of development is slow or there are delays. The value of the coin will increase only after development progresses and features and technology not found in other virtual currencies are added, so please assume that it has no value while the delay is occurring.

MEXC is recommended for grass coin investment

If you want to invest in rare grass coins, MEXC is definitely recommended. More than 1500 stocks are handled by MEXC. This is because MEXC is the only place in the world that can invest in such a large number of stocks. There are a lot of rare coins in MEXC, so it is recommended if you want to invest.

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Account opening is free

MEXC can open an account for free. You can open an account for free, so there is no risk. I’m introducing it below, so I hope you can refer to it.