[MEXC Global: For Beginners] Job Change and Recruitment Activities Global Angel Recruitment Program

About MEXC

MEXC Global is one of the world’s most popular cryptocurrency exchanges. MEXC is expanding its business and expanding globally. Therefore, if you want to become a MEXC employee, you should definitely apply. Recruitment is often done on Linkedin, etc., so we recommend checking it from time to time.

Global Angel Recruitment Program

MEXC Global has launched a project called Global Angel Recruitment Program in 2022. The Global Angel Recruitment Program refers to recruitment activities at MEXC, which is expanding its business. Due to the expansion of our business, we are actively recruiting employees. The article below is the latest news from the MEXC support center (as of February 2023).


Currently at MEXC, it is possible to apply from the above page, and the employment form will be a full-time employee, so it is very safe. Since you will be working full-time, you will be able to live with peace of mind once you become an employee. As an application requirement, being able to speak English, reading and writing sentences, and speaking ability are essential requirements. Preference will be given to those with 1 year or more of cryptocurrency trading experience. If you have no experience trading cryptocurrencies yet, why not open an account with MEXC and try trading? Opening an account is free.


MEXC is actively recruiting using LinkedIn. LinkedIn allows you to create an account for free, so let’s create one.


LinkedIn is the world’s largest business social network. There are other SNS such as Twitter and Instagram, but LinkedIn has the characteristic that it is specialized for business, and it is a tool that is frequently used for recruitment activities. Since this tool was developed in the United States, there are many American users, but it is popular all over the world and has over 700 million registered users. There are many companies that are mainly looking for specialized positions, and there is a function for job seekers to post resumes and employers to post job postings. Once registered, you can send scouts directly to employers and job seekers.

Recruitment numbers change over time

The number of MEXC job openings varies considerably depending on the season. When the business is expanding, there may be mass hiring. But on the other hand, if you fill up, you need to wait until new recruitment comes out. Depending on the situation of the company, there may be times when there are no vacancies, so job seekers should check the vacancies from time to time.