[MEXC Global: For Beginners] What is GCAKE? Overview and features

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Do you know the virtual currency called GCAKE? GCAKE is a token that is attracting a lot of attention on the popular NFT platform. PancakeGames, the publisher, is a comprehensive platform for NFT games and is a company that is making various attempts.

What is GCAKE?

GCAKE is a virtual currency issued by PancakeGames, which handles many games. GCAKE is used as payment and incentives within PancakeGames. In recent years, the number of exchanges handling this currency has increased, and Bybit and MEXC have made it possible to trade this currency.

Total Number10 trillion
ExchangeBybit、MEXC、Pancake Swap

Features of GCAKE

GCAKE features are as follows.

Tokens in PancakeGames

PancakeGames uses this GCAKE as its base currency. Since this currency is used in Web3 projects represented by NFT games, you can see that it has excellent utility.

Earn rewards by staking

GCAKE has a reward system for staking. A mechanism is currently being developed to receive governance tokens through GCAKE staking, making it a profitable investment for users.

multiple blockchains

GCAKE is also supported on completely different chains, and is currently built on three chains: Ethereum, BNB Chain, and Polygon. Since it is possible to purchase from multiple chains, there is an advantage that users can save time and effort.

Maintain scarcity

GCAKE has a mechanism to maintain its value as a currency through regular burns. If it circulates too much, the value of the virtual currency will inevitably fall. If the rarity increases, we can expect increased demand from users and soaring currency prices.

The future of GCAKE

Will GCAKE increase in value in the future? Or will it go down?

Partnership with Pancake Games and major companies

Pancake Games is currently actively developing sales. Against this background, we have decided to partner with major companies. Since it has partnerships with “BIGBANG”, “Crooz Blockchain Lab”, etc., it is expected that this will attract more attention and further increase the value of the coin.

Guarantee of safety

GCAKE is audited by Certik. Certik is funded by major exchanges such as Coinbase and Binance, so perhaps those who like cryptocurrencies know about it. GCAKE has been audited and has been evaluated as having a low risk of currency outflow.

Listing on virtual currency exchanges

GCAKE was actually successfully listed on MEXC and Bybit. It has also been successfully listed on the world’s top level exchange, so it is expected to be distributed in the future. From the fact that major exchanges allow listing, it is clear that the expected value is high.

Recommendation to open an account

GCAKE is now available for trading on MEXC. You need to open an account, but you can do it for free, so let’s open it by referring to the article below.