[MEXC Global: For Beginners] What is futures trading? Transaction system


MEXC allows futures trading. Futures trading is one of the derivative trading, and when doing futures trading, it is necessary to deposit margin money, which allows you to use leverage. Be aware that while you can expect a large return by applying leverage, you may also experience a full loss.

What is futures trading in virtual currency?

A futures contract is a contract that promises to buy or sell in the future. Buy and sell when the specified date in the future comes. If the price of the currency is favorable by the specified date, it will be profitable, and if it is unfavorable, it will be a loss. To put it simply, it is a matter of predicting the future of the market and whether it will hit or miss. If things go well, your crypto assets will continue to increase. However, there is a risk that the stock will crash if you buy it. It will be an information battle while checking the market price.


With futures trading, you can avoid the risk of price fluctuations because you can decide the price of buying and selling in advance. There is also the advantage of being able to trade from a small amount, so you can avoid big losses in advance. You can also use leverage in this transaction, so you can suddenly make a large amount from a small amount.


Futures trading can be leveraged, but conversely, there is also the risk of large losses. The advantage is that the more leverage you use, the more you can make, but you can also lose a lot and lose it all.

MEXC Global Types of futures contracts

There are two types of futures trading on MEXC: “USDT-M” and “COIN-M”. USTD-M currency pairs handle 200 types of pairs, including BTC / USDT and ETH / USDT. Coin-M’s currency pairs are few and only 6 types.

Payment currencycurrency pair


The base currency of USDT-M is USDT. Trade by depositing USDT as margin. Because it supports so many currencies, over 200 types, it is used in many transactions.


Coin-M’s base currency is USD. Because the price fluctuations of the base currency are large, it is easier to aim for large profits compared to USDT-M. However, since there are only 6 supported currencies, transactions are very limited.

MEXC Global How to order

There are four types of orders in futures trading

limit order

It is a method of placing an order at a predetermined price.


An abbreviation for Best Bid Offer, this is an ordering method in which only the quantity is specified.

trioger market

This is a method of placing a market order when a specified rate is reached.

trigger limit

This is a method of placing a limit order when a specified rate is reached.

MEXC Global transaction fee

MEXC’s transaction fee is a flat 0.2%.

MEXC Global leverage

The maximum leverage for futures trading is 200 times, but there is a difference depending on the currency pair.


MEXC Global funding fee

Futures trading incurs a funding fee. MEXC charges a funding fee every 8 hours (three times a day). Payments and receipts occur according to market movements and positions held.

  • UTC 00:00
  • UTC 08:00
  • UTC 08:00

MEXC Global Transaction system

As for spot trading, please first open an account. Please refer to the article below. MEXC has many events, and the official page has various support guide functions such as VIP service, introducing new friends, trading listed coins, hedging mode, community participation, and educational programs to understand and learn. You can also trade on the app, making it easy to trade. We have many profitable clients. You can also open a corporate account.

Log in, select “Futures Trading” from the top menu, and select “USDT-M” or “COIN-M”.

Source : https://www.mexc.com/

Move to the chart screen. First select a currency pair from the red frame on the upper left.

Source : https://www.mexc.com/

The right side of the screen will be the order screen. Select and enter leverage, order method, price, quantity, take profit / loss cut option on the order screen, and finally click “Short, Long”. Your order is now confirmed.

Source : https://www.mexc.com/

When you place an order, you can see the transaction status at the bottom of the screen. You can also manually settle the trading currency pairs displayed on this screen from “Action”.

Source : https://www.mexc.com/

MEXC Global Points to note when trading futures

Unlike spot trading, please note the following points when trading futures.

Loss cut setting

Futures trading can be leveraged, but if the trade continues to go against the grain, the unrealized losses will get bigger and bigger, and eventually you will go bankrupt. The most important thing to do is to set a stop loss. Please think carefully about where you will cut your losses, withdraw, and take profits. If this becomes vague, it will drag you on forever.

Don’t increase leverage too much

Futures trading allows you to increase leverage, but the virtual currency market is also famous for its extremely volatile ups and downs. If the price fluctuates rapidly due to wild fluctuations, the higher the leverage, the higher the possibility of a loss cut. Especially for beginners, it is very important to keep the leverage setting low, so please be careful.


When setting leverage, it is better not to tolerate waste. Especially when you are defeated, even if you put in additional funds, the situation continues to go backwards, and in most cases you end up going bankrupt. Therefore, it is important to decide where to cut your losses before you start trading.

Pay attention to margin maintenance rate

MEXC automatically becomes a loss cut when the margin maintenance rate falls below 100%. If the margin maintenance rate approaches 100%, it is better to cut your losses as much as possible. We do not recommend adding funds blindly unless you are very confident.