[MEXC Global: For Beginners] What is FNCT? FiNANCiE Token

About MEXC

Financier Tokens will be a hot topic in 2023. Schedules for listing on the world’s virtual currency exchanges have been decided one after another. MEXC has also decided to handle Financier Tokens. In addition, MEXC will also carry out an airdrop of the same token when handling Financier tokens.

What is FNCT?

FNCT is FiNANCiE’s platform token. FiNANCiE will be a Web3 platform that connects sports clubs, creators, and their fans with a token-based community. Fans can become members of the community as “supporters” by purchasing CTs of their favorite sports clubs. In addition to the official website, there is also Twitter, so information is also published.

Total number of issues20 billion

Features of FNCT

The main features of FNCT are as follows.

FiNANCiE points

With FiNANCiE, after purchasing FiNANCiE points, the points are used to purchase tokens issued by various sports clubs. However, with the advent of FNCT, you will be able to purchase FiNANCiE points with FNCT.

Rewarding the Community

FNCT will serve as a reward distributed by FiNANCiE to the community. FiNANCiE adopts a method where each user withdraws from the reward pool.

Participation in governance

FNCT holders become stakers by locking their FNCT in a given smart contract for a period of time. Stakers who have locked FNCT into a given smart contract will be able to participate in the governance of the FNCT ecosystem to grow further.

community donation

Investors holding FNCT will be able to donate to the community. The donation feature is said to be implemented in 2023.

Many Owners Participate

Professional soccer clubs and many influencers participate as owners of Financiers, and they are quite influential. The owner aims to facilitate fundraising, and from the point of view of the fans, holding tokens has the advantage of obtaining the right to participate in events that can only be obtained in the community. There is an expectation that the number of investors will increase easily, so it is also attracting considerable attention in terms of future potential.

Is FNCT profitable?

FNCT will be listed on the market after going through IEO, but is there any possibility of making money? Cryptocurrency that has gone through IEO is very safe because it is assumed that the virtual currency exchange has vetted the project. Partly because of this, and with investment from investors and sports clubs, it is expected to continue to perform well in the future.

Future potential of FNCT

If you are going to invest in FNCT, you should also be concerned about its future potential.


FiNANCiE is currently being used as a service in Japan, but it is expected to expand globally in the future. If it is used both in the global version and as a platform token, it is expected to gain considerable attention. If FiNANCiE becomes used, it is expected that the demand for FNCT will increase and the distribution volume will further increase.

Regular burns will be held

Once a quarter, a portion of FNCT currently on the market will be bought back or burned by FiNANCiE. FNCT has already built a mechanism to control the market circulation amount and, by extension, the scarcity value, so a balance is maintained to prevent the supply amount from increasing too much.

white paper

FNCT mentions in its white paper that it may upgrade its incentive structure and utilities to better reward investors. It is said that increasing incentives will attract more investors, leading to further price increases.

Started handling at Coincheck

Coincheck was sold by lottery at IEO. The IEO exceeded the target funding amount of approximately 1,066 million yen in just one hour from the start of application, indicating the high degree of attention. Financier tokens will be available for trading on Coincheck from 2023.

Handled by MEXC

Financier tokens are also handled at MEXC. You can trade, but you need to open an account to do so. You can open an account for free. No risk. I hope you can refer to the following articles.