[MEXC Global: For Beginners] Is MEXC dangerous? Do you have a bad reputation?

About MEXC

MEXC is one of the world’s most famous cryptocurrency exchanges. The reputation of MEXC is also introduced in the following article, so please refer to it. Does MEXC have bad rumors and reputation this time? I am writing an article about it.

Is MEXC dangerous?

I tried to get a bad reputation. MEXC is a very famous cryptocurrency exchange in the world, but it is not all good. There is also a bad side, so I picked it up and introduced it.

Transactions on the app are inconvenient

Many users have complained that trading on the app is very difficult. The MEXC app has just been developed, and there are many mistakes in language translation, and there are still many bugs. You can see that users have pointed out many problems.

Dissatisfied with support

It is pointed out that the support response is poor. When you see something like this, you might feel like you can’t trust it. The s support center generally responds quickly in many cases, but in some cases it is very slow.

Content of staking

MEXC allows staking, but many users are dissatisfied with the content. Compared to other overseas cryptocurrencies, MEXC has fewer types of currencies that can be staked, and the amount you can receive is also less. Also, because there are too many stocks and too much information, I have the impression that users can’t keep up.

not contract

There are many reviews that even if you place an order, it may not be executed. However, this is not limited to MEXC, but the same thing is happening on other exchanges.

MEXC is top level in the world

According to the evaluation of coinmarketcap.com, MEXC is ranked 12th in the world’s cryptocurrency exchange ranking, and it can be seen that it has received a very high evaluation.

8Binance US
12MEXC Global

Source : 取引高別仮想通貨取引所 | CoinMarketCap

Distribution and region of registered users

Japan has a large number of registered users in the distribution of TradersUnion, a word-of-mouth website for FX and virtual currency exchanges around the world. Other countries such as Turkey, Vietnam, and the United States have many users in Asia and North America.

Source : TradersUnion

Easy identity verification (KYC)

MEXC has a very easy KYC. Identity verification ends with the input of personal information and a personal identification image. Only MEXC has such a simple and easy examination. Since identity verification is easy, it is recommended for those who are troublesome to complete identity verification before making transactions or deposits and withdrawals.

Variety of currencies handled

MEXC has a wider variety of currencies than other exchanges. Gate.io is the number one in the world, but MEXC can trade second highest number of coins. Therefore, you can earn a lot with anonymous coins, so it is recommended for those who are looking for minor coins.

Open an account for free

MEXC can open an account for free. The process is very simple and will be over in no time. There is no risk, so open an account and try trading.