[MEXC Global: For Beginners] Company Profile, License, Reviews, Reputation, Safety, Advantages and Disadvantages Explanation

About MEXC

MEXC is one of the most highly rated virtual currency exchanges in the world. It is said that there are many registered users around the world, exceeding 7 million people. Many people are probably wondering if this exchange can be trusted. I am writing an article about the MEXC company. Some users may find it confusing to use an overseas exchange. We have summarized the advantages and disadvantages for users, such as types of stocks such as Bitcoin and Ethereum, support, reputation information on fees, etc., as articles.

MEXC Global Company Profile

MEXC is a Singapore-based cryptocurrency exchange founded in 2018. You may be worried because you don’t know the exact address. However, this is also true for other major virtual currency exchanges. It is a fairly famous exchange with over 7 million users and is used in over 200 countries around the world. Therefore, there are 17 languages supported, so users in most regions should have no trouble using the official page. MEXC is still an emerging cryptocurrency exchange, but in 2019 it had a 5% share of the global digital asset trading market.

CompanyMEXC Exchange
Crypto 1500~
User7 million people
Own tokenMX
Smartphone appIOS,Android,Windows
URLHome Page

MEXC Global license

Many people feel uneasy because virtual currency exchanges around the world do not have any licenses. However, in the case of MEXC, we have a solid license. MEXC has financial licenses in multiple countries such as the United States, Canada, Switzerland, and Estonia. At the “Crypto Expo Dubai” held in Dubai in 2021, it was awarded “Best Crypto Exchange Asia” and was evaluated as “the best exchange in Asia”. Although MEXC is not licensed by the Japanese Financial Services Agency, it is ranked high in the world’s virtual currency exchange rankings.

MEXC Global The largest number of stocks in the industry

MEXC handles around 1,500 currencies, which is by far the largest number among virtual currency exchanges in the world. Even Binance, the world’s top virtual currency exchange, only handles around 400 cryptocurrencies. MEXC has an environment where it is possible to trade including anonymous miner coins. Exchanges that handle a large number of stocks also have “fraudulent coins” issued by malicious companies, so you need to be careful. Overseas exchanges have a larger number of stocks than domestic exchanges, allowing you to trade the largest variety of stocks. It has benefits and services that are comparable to Bybit and Binance.

MEXC Global MAX 200x leverage

The maximum leverage for trading on MEXC Global is 200x, allowing users to select the leverage and achieving extremely high leverage. MEXC is the only company that can use such a large leverage. Since the leverage is the same as that of popular FX companies, please check the official page for details on popular stocks such as BTC. You can also trade spot and futures. It’s easy to order, and it’s very simple to use and buy.

MEXC deposit and withdrawal methods

Deposit methods include bank transfer, credit card, virtual currency deposit, and P2P transactions. On the other hand, the only withdrawal method is virtual currency. Please note that we do not support various legal currencies (US dollar, Japanese yen, euro, pound, Australian dollar, etc.). It will be similar to Bybit etc. En fonction de certaines blockchains, le temps nécessaire à la prise en compte des procédures de remise sur le réseau peut varier. De plus, les limites de retrait varieront en fonction du KYC.

MEXC Global Own token

MEXC has its own token, MX. MX is a governance token independently issued by MEXC, and in addition to staking and Kickstarter participation, you can also receive discounts on transaction fees. You can check it on the screen by logging into the official website, and you can also receive tokens with benefits and discounts. Please be aware that crypto assets come with risks. The app is easy to use, and withdrawals can be made smoothly.

MEXC Global Fast support

MEXC has a support center where you can receive support via email or chat, and the support center is famous for its quick response times. This is said to be faster than the support centers of Binance, Kraken, Coincheck, etc., so from a user’s perspective, this is a very good thing. Officially, English is the main language, but multilingual support is available. It is very well received and has been well received because of its fast response and quick response times. Frequently asked questions are also available on the help page.

MEXC Global security settings

In recent years, hacking incidents have frequently occurred at virtual currency exchanges. MEXC currently allows users to increase the security level by configuring settings. You can achieve the highest level of security by making full use of two-factor authentication and identity verification functions. If you want to completely avoid trouble, it is essential to install it to ensure complete safety. In addition to password settings, there is two-step authentication using Google Authencator or SMS authentication.

MEXC Global Bonus Campaign

Bonuses are very substantial at MEXC. Compared to other virtual currency exchanges, it can be said that users are given preferential treatment compared to other virtual currency exchanges, as they can receive bonuses by making the first deposit and there are futures trading bonuses. There are also limited-time campaigns, so there are always some campaigns planned.

MEXC Global Somewhat high transaction fees

MEXC transaction fee is 0.2% for both Maker and Taker. Some exchanges have no transaction fees, so MEXC will have a slightly higher fee compared to that. There are many types of transactions, including exchange services such as P2P transactions. Of course, each function is easy to use and easy to understand.

MEXC Global launchpad

You will have the opportunity to raise funds through token sales on the MEXC exchange and invest in selected project tokens at low cost. You can make money by researching and preparing in advance and purchasing reliable newly listed coins at a low price, so let’s consider it.

MEXC Global kick starter

We have a kickstarter event. We will start voting for the launch and airdrop the tokens for free to all users who have successfully voted. Many projects are listed on MEXC and offer free airdrops to MEXC users.

MEXC Global staking

By staking tokens, there is a mechanism that allows users to receive more tokens as rewards while holding them. In staking, you can receive interest by depositing the virtual currency you hold, so you can constantly increase your profits without any particular transaction.


MEXC conducts IEO, and by owning MX, you can participate in voting for newly listed currencies. By participating in IEO, you can get coins, and if the price rises significantly after listing, you may make money, so it is highly recommended. Even if the currency you voted for is not listed, you can rest assured that the MX you voted for will be refunded.

MEXC Global Handling grass coins

Grass coins refer to unnamed coins. MEXC is known for having an exceptionally large number of stocks handled, and it is possible to invest in a large number of unnamed coins. There are many coins that crash and become worthless, but on the other hand, there are also rare coins that skyrocket, so many people invest in them.

MEXC Global MX-DeFi

With MX-DeFi, you can liquidity mine MX and newly listed virtual currencies, and stake Bitcoin, Ethereum, etc. Some of them have an annual interest rate of over 100%, and it is a function unique to MEXC, so we recommend you to participate.

MEXC Global M-Day

On M-DAY, you can participate in virtual currency airdrops. Tickets are distributed according to the amount of MX held, and if you hit the lottery, you will receive virtual currency. It is held irregularly, but there are so many participants, so it would be a good idea to participate.

MEXC Global Account opening is free

It is possible to open an account at MEXC for free. If you want to open an account, please refer to the article below, so let’s open an account. MEXC holds various events, so it is a highly recommended exchange for active users.Although authentication such as a phone number is required, it is easy to use and you can start right away with the click of a button, even with a relatively small amount of funds.