[MEXC Global: For Beginners] What is ccxt? Overview and features


Do you know what ccxt is? ccxt is a module that aggregates API operations of over 100 cryptocurrency exchanges around the world. There are quite a few virtual currency exchanges equipped with this, and MEXC is naturally one of them.

What is ccxt?

ccxt is a library that aggregates API operations of virtual currency exchanges around the world. By running ccxt, you can easily call APIs of multiple exchanges. API specifications differ for each exchange. Therefore, although it differs for each exchange, ccxt is a very useful tool for those who are considering automated cryptocurrency trading because the API has standardized the calling method and output for each function. It will be a very useful library.

ccxt library

The methods of the ccxt library allow you to retrieve and access information even if it is a different cryptocurrency exchange. The ccxt library allows you to access not only MEXC but also the world’s major virtual currency exchanges, so it is highly recommended for those who can program.

Major exchanges around the world

By using ccxt methods, it is possible to call APIs of major exchanges in the world such as Bybit, MEXC, Binance, and even Kucoin. The library’s methods can be used on most virtual currency exchanges, so we recommend learning them if you want to automate them.


ccxt programming generally uses Python. By programming, you can easily obtain currency information handled by exchanges, obtain board information, obtain candlesticks, and place orders. To use the ccxt library, you need to install it in advance.


The exchange APIs that ccxt can run are not one, but two.

Public API

As you can imagine from the name of the public API, it has functions that can be executed without registering an account on the exchange. You can also:

  • Confirmation of currency information that can be traded on the exchange
  • Get Depth of Market
  • Get Candlesticks

Private API

A private API is the opposite of this, and can be executed after registering an account on the exchange and obtaining an API key and a secret key. You will be able to:

  • Get account balance
  • Cryptocurrency trading
  • cancel order
  • Check order status
  • Check execution status

MEXC supports ccxt

The MEXC API supports ccxt, which saves programming effort. Therefore, it will also be possible to create an arbitrage trading bot using ccxt. Arbitrage trading can be done easily, so it is said that there are many people who use it.

Who recommends ccxt

By using ccxt, it becomes possible to practice automated trading. You can also acquire information and trade with private API and public API, respectively, so it is a recommended function for those who want to do automatic trading. Also, as explained above, ccxt will be a library that aggregates API operations of virtual currency exchanges around the world, so automatic trading will be possible not only on MEXC but also on other famous virtual currency exchanges. increase.

Account opening is free

Opening a MEXC account is free. It’s free, so there’s no risk. For automatic trading, you need to obtain an API key and a secret key to use the API. Let’s open an account.

After setting up two-factor authentication, you will be able to select the API. Key information can be obtained by creating API information.