[MEXC Global: For beginners] Latest information on newly listed coins

MEXC Global is known as an exchange with the overwhelming number of coins handled among the world's virtual currency exchanges. There are over 1500 coins handled, and even registered users can no longer keep track of everything. It is not uncommon for miners and completely unknown coins to be listed without notice, so we will inform you of the means to obtain listing information as soon as possible.
About MEXC

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MEXC will be a very well-known virtual currency exchange in the world. This exchange has a fairly high frequency of information dissemination compared to other famous exchanges. At MEXC, new campaigns and bonuses are started, maintenance and addition of new functions are frequently posted on SNS. Recruitment of employees is also done on SNS, so if you are interested, follow the MEXC account.
About MEXC

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MEXC Global is one of the world's most popular cryptocurrency exchanges. MEXC is expanding its business and expanding globally. Therefore, if you want to become a MEXC employee, you should definitely apply. Recruitment is often done on Linkedin, etc., so we recommend checking it from time to time.